OMIGOSH! The year went by fast.

Wow. It’s almost the end of the year!! Is anyone going to camp? I’m not sure if i will. I mean, i definitely want to, but who knows a camp that accepts puppets?

Oh! And see the premiere of our new BoB nursery rhyme/episode, BoBdy Dumpty, coming soon!!

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SHE’S BACK!!! SHE’S BACK SHE’S BACK!!!!!!!! We know this from her…. interesting comment!!!!!!!

As Ms. Sqwubbles would say, omigod.

I’ll be in the bathtub pondering this if you need me.

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I went to the MoMA (museum of modern art) the other day and it was amazing!!! I looooooved it and there were so many cool things (the best are the sculptures!!) I made a little modern art pop art-type picture, and HERE IT ISSSSS!!!!!!!! DOODIE!!!!!

…did you hear me say doodie? I did. It was good. tee hee. please don’t tell my mommy.

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Ask Sally!

Well HOWDY, y’all!!!!!! It’s me, SallY, BoBby’s GOILFRIEND!!! (that’s BIDJANGLE for girlfriend!) And HERE is my Advice Column!!! You can also get to it by going up to the top right tab called Ask SallY for obvious reasons, and click it!! Go ahead!! Clicky!! So if y’all email me here at with your lil’ ol problems, i’ll give you advice!!! And if y’all do me a lil’ ol favor by telling me if you want it to be anonymouse or not, i’ll post it!!!! YEEEEHAWWWW!!!!

~SallY!! :)

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Cool Website!! (and by cool i mean CUTE)

One of my besties is a cat named Cupcake, or Cuppy for short!! And she finally started her own site!!! And unlike mine, it’s a .com, not!! Which is fancy and slightly petty at the same time. but oh well!!! Here it is!!!!! We really hope that you check it, and comment on it, and… yeah.

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BoB’s Choral Chorussy Chorus Experience!

Yep!! I’m in a CHORUS now!!!!!!!!! And later today i get to….


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Not saying it’s me. That’s because i don’t have as many viewers.  But I at least get this cool virtual crown.

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My New (virtual) Pet, Sniffy!!

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Al Dente!!! That’s right, like spaghetti, but NOT.

I made a new friend named Al Dente. He’s a chef–WITH A MUSTACHE–and he’s really nice. I met him by bouncing on a trampoline and then getting flung into the air and then he cushioned my fall with his face!! So now we’re buds!! I helped him start a blog too!!! Here it is:!!!!!! Check it, because I’m sure there’s a buncha cool just ooozing out of it!!!

Here’s a little picky of him!!

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Spring’s on it’s way!

Hey guys! The birds are chirping…the flowers are blooming…the bees are buzzing…spring’s almost here! Ahhhhhh…how peachy! 🙂

Let’s take a poll!

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