My New (virtual) Pet, Sniffy!!


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Al Dente!!! That’s right, like spaghetti, but NOT.

I made a new friend named Al Dente. He’s a chef–WITH A MUSTACHE–and he’s really nice. I met him by bouncing on a trampoline and then getting flung into the air and then he cushioned my fall with his face!! So now we’re buds!! I helped him start a blog too!!! Here it is:!!!!!! Check it, because I’m sure there’s a buncha cool just ooozing out of it!!!

Here’s a little picky of him!!

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Spring’s on it’s way!

Hey guys! The birds are chirping…the flowers are blooming…the bees are buzzing…spring’s almost here! Ahhhhhh…how peachy! 🙂

Let’s take a poll!

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Happy Boogie Day!! (coming up!)

Soon we’ll be celebrating the day of Saint Patty!!! And everything is GREEN!!! like boogies!!! BOOOOOGIES…. yeah. So… happy boogie day. I changed the header. Say hi to Uncle Patty for me.



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Happy birthday!!!

To one of our best commmenters here at my blog, CHEESEY!!!! Cheesey just got one year older a couple days ago, so give a warm online applause to our bud, Cheesey! Da Cheez, Cheezalicious, Cheesey Mc. Cheesipants!!!!! YEAH!!!

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New Buddies For BoB

This is one of my new buddies, Cloud ‘O!!!!! Say hi, Cloud ‘O!!!!!
He’s bouncy!!!

I’m also good friends with… (Blob ‘O!)

(Cheer ‘O!)

(Weird ‘O!)

(Bounce ‘O!)

Those are my new buddies!!! I luv them so much. I remember when we met. It’s like  it was yesterday. (ummmm ten minutes ago!)

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One mouse, one click, one website and one addicting game!

Here’s a really addicting game my friend showed me the other day! it’s awesome, but I stink like poopy on a hot summer’s day! (um, did I really need to add in that last part?)


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