Another BoB Day *sigh* isn’t it beautiful?

Most ordinary buttheads would think this is just another causal BoB DaY. But I know that YOU guys are in fact NOT buttheads!! This is the first BoB DaY in 2010!!!!! That’s twenty-ten for all you peeps!!! So we’re gonna party ’till the A.M (wellll, my bed time’s a little before that, but my mommy said i can stay up a little later than usual!! WOOHOO!!!) and I will have the honor of posting posts, and you will have the honor of commenting comments!! I have faith in our ability to successfully succeed!

YA.                                                                     Tee-hee.

I should go  now…


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  1. 1

    bob1000 said,

    GO BOB DAY!!!! WOOP WOOP!!!!!!!!!!! GO BOB DAY!!!!!!! It’s bob day so we’ve gotta celebrate with bob day spirit!!! 😀

  2. 2

    Cheesey said,

    YAYAY SPIRIT! You should know spirit, BoB, cause your a cheerleader! Yay! First bob day in 2010! And also, how’d you change your pic?

    • 3

      bob1000 said,

      That’s so scary!!! I don’t think i tried to change it!! I had asked Tina T how to do it once, but I don’t know how!! I didn’t even bother to try again!!! I’M GONNA HAVE NIGHTMARES!!!!

  3. 4

    Congrats on BoB Day, BoB!!!!

  4. 5

    Cupcakegrl said,

    Yeah!!! You GO, BoB!!! Let’s pump up the party!!! 🙂

  5. 6

    bob1000 said,

    Thanks!!! 😀
    That’s really scary about my picture!!!! Unless somebody HACKED into the site!!! And hacking sounds like throwing up, which is a good thing so it should be a good thing but it’s not because the hacker can delete stuff but they did a good thing by changing the picture but i’m also kinda mad because they hacked but hacking sounds like throwing up which is a good thing– UGH I’M SO CONFUSED!!!!

  6. 8

    bob1000 said,

    YEAH!!! Maybe……………………………

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