Throwing up is my new HOBBY! Part 2!!!

If you  were wondering what the HECK the last post meant, welllllll…I’m SICK to my STOMACH! (even though I don’t have one!!!) It’s horrible!!! I’ve been puking all over EVERYTHING! I even threw up on RoB! (he wasn’t too happy about that!) I just hope I don’t throw up on…the…COMPUTER!!!


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    Ms. Sqwubbles said,

    I understand COMPLETELY. Why, the first time I threw up, the year was eighteen eleventy twelve!! Oops– oh NO!! I forgot that I’m not supposed to be here!! I’m a WANTED LADY!!!!!
    …or am i even a LADY???? MUAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

    Oh and P.S. before I leave, can you guess what my last name means??

    NOW the world will momentarily go dark and shimmery and I will no longer be here.

    *dark shimmeriness*

    Tootles!! ~Ms. Sqwubbles

  2. 2

    bob1000 said,

    MS. SQWUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s time for another bit of simultanious search.

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