I saw the Nutcracker!!! Oh and I kicked his butt… long story.

So I went to see the Nutcracker with my mommasita. (aka: mommy!!!) And at first, I have to say with all due respect to ballet, I was a teensy bit bored. So I snuck behind the curtain and did what any bored person/puppet would do: I sharpened pencils!! Good thing I brought my sharpener!! But then the Nutcracker-dude tripped over a pencil shaving!! AND THE CROWD WENT BESERK! So, in order to protect my dear little pencils from the noise, I jumped up on stage and kicked the Nutcracker’s butt so he went flying out of the costume. And I jumped in and finished the whole rest of the ballet for him. And even though I didn’t know most of the steps so I had to improvised a little (tap-dancing, disco, macarana, chickendance, the works!) it turned out to be ok. And then, at the end, this awesomely awesome ballerina named Tina Ballerina flung herself into the air– at ME!! And if she was supposed to land gracefully or something, I didn’t know (and apparently I was supposed to CATCH her– I mean what will they think of next??) so she landed on my hard hat and I collapsed and we rolled off the stage onto some old guy who ran screaming and left a trail of bacon. What a night!

Ohhhh! One more thing: the main reason why she was so awesomely awesome was because she had….(drum-roll PULEEZ)…LEGS!!! Two of them!! I’d never seen anything cooler than that, except for the time I fell asleep on a moose and woke up in chocolate pudding!! (or was that a dream…..) Here’s a picture of her!!


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  1. 1

    Yes, it’s true. But your hard hat sure hurt! I still have that bruise on my butt from that night!!!

  2. 2

    bob1000 said,

    TINA TWINKLETOES??? Wait– your last name is TWINKLETOES? Cooooool… sorry about not catching you. I didn’t know I was supposed to. Oh and we really should find that old guy and apologize to him. We can follow the trail of bacon he left!!
    😀 YAAAY!!! Oh and now that you’re on this blog, we can fill you in on all the juicy GOSSIP. The BoB ‘n RoB Annoying Committee is me and my brother RoB. And the ‘Gang is me, RoB, SallY, JannettE, and OscaR. (read previous posts!!) ohh and you have to spell your name with a capital letter as the first one and the last one. Like this: TinA TwinlkletoeS!! I love the sound of that!!

  3. 3

    Well, actually my last name is Ballerina but my nickname is Tina Twinkletoes. So, yeah. I guess you could call me that. Oh yeah and I have a blog too!!! It’s called tinatwinkletoes.wordpress.com. You guys should come and check it out sometime. Oh and use your names from this blog so that you don’t have to change it.

  4. 4

    Oh yeah and I think that old guy was my great grampa’s friend’s son’s brother’s friend’s uncle’s horse’s trainer. So I think that we can track him. If we REALLY try!!!

  5. 5

    bob1000 said,

    Hmmmm… I’m feeling pretty lazy. But we can try!! And I looked at your blog– its so pretty and pink that it brings out my girly side!! Ooooooh frilly pink lacy unicorns!!

  6. 6

    YUUUMMMM!!!! UNICORNS SOUND YUMMY!!!!! Whoops! I guess your blog brings out my crazy side!!!!

  7. 7

    CupcakeGrl said,

    Yeah– that’s not creepy at ALL!! :/

  8. 8

    CupcakeGrl said,

    Everyone knows that unicorns come from CORN!! And even though corn is yummy, UNIcorns aren’t, and uni means anti in spanishlatendutchese!! So unicorns are anti-yummy!!

  9. 9

    Ms. Sqwubbles said,

    Hi. I want to know how you changed your picture. No questions. Bye.

    Ms. Sqwubbles

  10. 11

    Oh, you mean me, Ms. Sqwubbles? Well, I’ll explain it to you once I know!! You see, my friend did it, and I don’t know how!! 🙂

  11. 12

    Ms. Sqwubbles said,

    Very well, very well. Now when I clap my hands you will fall into a deep sleep.
    And when I snap my fingers you will wake up to find that I have vanished in a puff of smoke, and you will never see me again. It will be as if I was never here.

  12. 13

    CupcakeGrl said,

    Wow. That was–er– weird.

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