Hey People of Earth!!!

Hey peeps of Earth!!! I feel like i’ve been talking too much about ME. I mean blah blah blah all the time. So now I wanna hear about YOU!!! That’s right, Y-O-U!!! So leave me a comment about something fun like, what you’re weekend plans are or, what’s the last movie you saw! 😀 Actually, I just saw Fantastic Mr. Fox—OH GOSH HERE GOES MY BLABBING ABOUT MYSELF AGAIN!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!! 😛


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  1. 1

    Cheesey said,

    I just saw that movie, too! Wasn’t it great? 🙂
    My weekend plans aren’t really that exciting…working on holiday gifts…watching tv…you know, the usual stuff. Oh, I almost forgot! I’m going to a bat-mitzvah!!

  2. 2

    JennettE;-* said,

    I’m going to see the Nutcracker the ballet in Connecticut!

  3. 5

    CupcakeGrl said,

    That sounds SO COOL!!! My friend actually is in that too–maybe we know the same person! This weekend I’m going to sleeeeeeeeeep.

  4. 6

    JennettE;-* said,

    I wish I could do the same. But I have sleeping problems. 😦

  5. 7

    CupcakeGrl said,


  6. 8

    JennettE;-* said,

    Yeah it stinks.

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