This is a new segment on BoB’s BloG called Cupcake Craze Monitor, or CCM for short!! 🙂 In CCM, we literally monitor the cupcake craze!!! Peeps have always loved cupcakes, but they weren’t always so popular. It really  started when there was a movie where one character ate a cupcake in some scenes, and EVERYONE WENT NUTZ!!!!! Sooooooo….. here’s a graph i found but didn’t make on some new york times articles written on cupcakes.

cupcakecraze.JPGThe bottom is the years and the side is the number of articles written. I personally love cupcakes sooo much and if I was one of those writers i would write soooo many more articles, but whatev, that’s what’s there.


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  1. 1

    bob1000 said,

    YUM!!! I could go for a moist, tasty, creamy cupcake right now, huh? Just think: the yummy cake-y part covered with sweet, sweet icing, and smeared with sugary sprinkles…… YUMMY YUM YUM I GOTTA HAVE A CUPCAKE!!!! :O

  2. 2

    Jennette1000 said,

    I hear that cupcakes are a very nutritious meal now.

  3. 3

    Cheesey said,

    Yum! I heart cupcakes!!

  4. 4

    CupcakeGrl said,

    Tee-hee! Pink cupcakes are my favorite!! 🙂 poof!

  5. 5

    BooBah101 said,

    I like cupcakes. Cupcakes like me. Me and cupcakes are in a happy family!

    My pet turtle’s name is cupcake!!! or is it george?

  6. 6

    Jennette1000 said,


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