We already are almost half way to NEXT BoB DaY LOL because all the first BoB DaY commotion got us all the way to 14o comments! No, I didn’t count, when I’m signed in it shows me. CUZ I’M SPESHEL THAT’S WHY! (Yes, that is how you spell special. Only it’s the cooler way.) Yeah so I think part of the tonz of comments flowing in is mostly because of three things:

1) It was BoB DaY

2) We had Sally! and Sally’sBFFJennette, (aka if you didn’t know my grlfriend, Sally, and her bff Jennette)

3) Because we have such awesome friends like you guys. We’d also like to put a speshel 🙂 thanks to 2 of our best commenters: CupcakeGrl and Cheesey! You guys ROCK!!! Also I’ve never seen anyone bounce as high as you two did in the bounce house on BoB DaY!

SO…………. bye.


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  1. 1

    bob1000 said,

    Those three rock, but also thanks so much to all our other commenters 🙂 you guys also rock, and not only do you guys rock, but you also stone and pebble. 😛

  2. 2

    Cheesey said,

    Awww thanks BoB – you’re so speshel!

  3. 3

    Jennette;-* said,

    I am officially changing my name on this website since you all know that I am SaL’s best friend! Btw, if you want to call me a nickname, please call me JeN. Yes, I know you already knew that, SaL!!! ;-*

  4. 4

    Sally'sBFFjennette said,

    Aaaaaaaaw, thanks for for listing me and Sally up there!!!! We heart you too!!!

  5. 5

    BooBah101 said,

    I WANNA BE UP THERE!!!!!!!!! boo. bah. boobah.

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