HAPPY bOb DAY!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BOB DAY HAPPY HAPPY BOB DAY!! HAPPY BOB DAY TO EVERYONE! HAPY BOB DAY HAPPY HAPPY BOB DAY!!!! IT WILL BE REALLY FUN!!!!! (that’s the first verse of my BoB Day Cheer!!) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I can’t believe BoB day is here! Everyone, get out your hard hats! Let’s boogie! YAYAYA HAPPY BOB DAY!!!! BEEP BOOP BOP BOB DAY!!!! DEET DOOT DOT BOB DAY!!!! TWEET TWOOT TWOT BOB DAY!!!! Kings and Queens and Bishups, too. Want to wish the best to you. So wish day wash day whaddaya say BoB Day happy BoB Day! YA! Happy BoB day! WOO! Happy BoB day! WOO YA! To you!! OH I DON”T KNOW THAT I’VE BEEN TOLD!!!! BOB DAY’S HERE AND WE’LL BE BALD!!!! JUST HOW BALD I CANNOT SAY!!! HAPPY BOB DAY ANYWAY!!!! Who lives in a little house in the city? BOBERT BOB PANTS!!! Absorbant and bald and cute is he? BOBERT BOB PANTS!!!! None of his nonsense be something you wish? BOBERT BOB PANTS!!! And do a funny dance and flop like a fish!!! BOBERT BOB PANTS BOBERT BOB PANTS BOBERT BOB PANTS!!!!!!


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  1. 1

    bob1000 said,

    Happy BoB Day! I also forgot to say: most of that post was a song with a melody, or one of my many cheers. (The last one was to the Sponge BoB song, the beep boop bop was to Haddadaydees song, the first one was one I made up, but it did have a melody!) I can’t believe BoB day if here! So everyone have lots of fun and BoBitize your heart out!

  2. 2

    Sally! said,

    Hey BobbY! Happy BoB Day!

  3. 3

    Sally'sBFFjennette said,

    SALLY!!! How are you?! HAPPY BOB DAY EVERYONE!!!

  4. 4

    Cheesey said,

    YAY! IT’S BOB DAY! Lets all have a big party at my house!

  5. 5

    bob1000 said,

    Ok! Everyone, to Cheesey’s house then! I was actually thinking we could rent one of those bounce houses!

  6. 6

    Fishstick said,

    Congrats on BoB DaY!!! I’m so happy for you!!! I ate a cupcake I’m your honnor!! It was yummy! I like bounce houses!!!!!
    I like to———-alot
    I am also listening to a spongebob CD right now

    “it the best day ever!!!!!! Do do do do do do do do do!¡!¡!¡

    (in the deep blue sea with a wired tounge)
    Fishy pants!!! I acually have fishy pants I need to show them to you!

  7. 7

    bob1000 said,


  8. 8

    Sally'sBFFjennette said,

    What’s “buagagagaga?”

  9. 9

    BooBah101 said,

    I think it’s him laughing.

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