Sup, guys!

So, the weather’s getting warmer! Summer is acomin’ acomin’ acomin’… and NONE OF YOU ARE JOINING ME!! Whoa. sorry. Deep breath. What I meant was, like in the summer at the beach, a big wave of viewers came to comment on everything, and now, also like in summer, that wave is fading away! Nobody has checked this blog in AGES! I’m even being poetic! That’s BAAAAAD. So, IF ANYONE IS READING THIS, plz please PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE comment! Click ’till it hurts! (Ok, sorry, i just came back from the dentist, and I’m a bit grumpy. Plz don’t take any of the harsh thing’s I’ve said personally. I am a violent person. I will go stand in the corner now).



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  1. 1

    bob1000 said,

    Really. I just came back from the dentist. We were discussing braces, but when she said “Open wide, Bobby!” she noticed i don’t have teeth. I also tried to bite her, but i have no teeth so she didn’t even know.

    back to the corner.

  2. 2

    CupcakeGrl said,

    Awsome, BoB, I’m maybe getting braces, too! I might get pink. What color do you want?

    (right, no teeth. I forgot….)

    maybe we can paint your lips. 🙂

    ~Cupcake Grl

  3. 3

    WeThePeople said,

    Well, we’re all visiting now, aren’t we, BoB. Or should I say, BOBBY. Your dentist calls you that? 🙂 It’s cool. Don’t feel bad because your grumpy, only feel bad if you didn’t vote for Obama.


  4. 4

    bob2000 said,

    Hi there. I’m BoB 2000. ‘Cause you’re BoB 1000. We can be buddies. That would be cooooool. I don’t have braces, but I have a retainer.

  5. 5

    Cheesey said,

    Yeah, I’m not getting braces for a while… anyway, you’re getting plenty of viewers now, BoB! Keep on posting and I’ll keep on commenting!
    ~Cheesey 🙂

  6. 6

    Fish Stick said,

    hey i think i broke my hand from bloging so much
    you are paying for my medical bills!!!

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