Meet some friends of mine…

So I would like you to meet some of my friends. One is a fabulous turtle named Tino. RC even married him! He loves to travel. He ROCKS!!!! Also, here is a very funny story. So when RC was in the car with her family and me, we got pulled over for speeding. A very funny police man with a mustache and a tie and a very nice uniform and a cool hat was talking to us about the 100 dollar ticket that he was about to give us when he caught sight of me. We looked at eachother for some time and then we found out. He was not only a puppet, too, but he was a long lost brother of mine!!! WOWWEE! So his name is Rob, and so now RC calles us the BoB ‘n RoB anoying commitee. My friends Tino, RoB, RC, KM, and the other kids at school are great buddies of mine.



This is Tino


This is Me and RoB


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  1. 1

    Fish Stick said,

    i luv tino
    but wheres tiny tino

    Fish Stick

  2. 2

    Fish Stick said,

    BoB & RoB bff

    just like u and me noddle

    (is that ok with you)

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